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Back to base monitoring

We recommend all commercial and residential alarms be monitored back to base to a licensed security monitoring station.

The most cost effective way and secure way to do this is to use a GPRS unit.

3 Benefits of GPRS unit:

  1. Increased security
  2. Cost savings
  3. NBN readiness

Increased Security:

Back to base monitoring Using a dual-sim (Optus and Telstra network) GPRS unit connected to your alarm panel you remove the possibility of intruders cutting your phone line so that your alarm can’t dial back-to-base.

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Cost Savings:

By removing the dedicated phone line [$34.95 per month], 1300 number calls [$31.50 per month average] and adding a GPRS unit [$16.95 per month] you achieve a net saving of $49.50 per month or $594.00 per year.

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NBN Ready:

When the NBN gets installed in your area your PSTN (copper phone line) will be turned off and you will be forced to migrate to this type of setup, at which alarm companies will be charging a premium to upgrade because so many people will be doing it at once.

So why not ask how we can help.

To get connected Back to base monitoring. Contact us below: