About Us


We are a young, dynamic and visionary company based in Brisbane, who consult with businesses on optimizing their business technology systems and then guide them through the implementation and roll-out of their newer and more effective systems.


Connected Australia was established to address the need for businesses to keep up with/change their technologies to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


Every business owner knows that utilizing the latest technologies can/will help their business to grow and be more efficient but they don’t know which technologies to use or how to implement them.


We know most business owners don’t have the time or inclination to be looking at how to keep their business up to date with the latest technology. And nor should they: With our in depth knowledge of Telecommunications, IT and Security we are able to remove the headaches business owners face when deciding what technology to use by auditing their current business processing and recommending simple to implement changes which achieve large results.


Security, IT and Communications.

These 3 business systems are commonplace in most businesses but are often clunky processes and not running optimally. In order to implement these solutions most effectively we must first understand what our clients need/desire from these systems, only then can we discuss what to do next and how we can help.


The real-estate principals’ time is better spent informing people how/when to advertise and sell their houses than it is spent trying to decipher the latest technologies and then trying to implement them in their businesses.

We find some businesses already have an optimal or very good solution which they don’t want to change the way it works, where they generally find benefit is by replicating this environment and “hosting” it in the cloud which achieves increase flexibility while reducing costs.

Other businesses want to change everything about how their systems work but either haven’t had the time or expertise to do this, we find we can generally improve their current system without increasing their monthly spend which gives increases in productivity without increases in their expenses.


We Service From Gold Coast to Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Northside, to Sunshine Coast and anywhere in between.

If you are outside these locations and are still interested in our services please give us a call and we would be happy to do a phone consultation and come see you to discuss your business if needed.

Connected Australia