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After working with a few different Security companies from the largest in the world to the smallest local businesses we have learned the do’s and don’t of security.

Products and Services

Back to base alarm: Traditional alarm systems rely on fixed copper phone lines, Connected Australia recommend these be replaced with Dual-Sim GPRS units with internet back-up. This is a more reliable and secure system while being NBN compatible and more cost effective than current solutions.


CCTV Systems: For new installations we choose to use high definition IP CCTV cameras and NVR’s. For existing installations where customers want higher image quality without having to replace cabling we install HD-CVI cameras which offer high-definition video over Coaxial cable.

Virtual Patrols: Instead of the traditional security guard going to customer premises each night and leaving a tag in the door; we recommend using the latest technology and integrating CCTV systems with monitoring stations to offer “Virtual patrols” which provide a much more cost-effective and thorough solution to business security needs by having an operator view all of your cameras multiple times throughout the night who will call the police directly if there is any incident.