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PBX phone system

While a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange; PBX phone) system is older technology, it can still be a great option for businesses with existing infrastructure who don’t want to migrate to the latest Hosted Technology just yet.

Connected Australia can offer:

  • A complete range of business PBX system upgrades and new installations
  • Many finance options; ranging from 24-60 months
  • Single billing for all calls and phone system hardware
  • Local based expert customer support
  • Comprehensive and preventative maintenance options (including warranty management) to make sure you are never stuck without your phones working
Connected Australia a boutique business consulting company who specialize in making sure your phone system works with your other business systems. We offer integrated communications, PBX phone, IT and Security solutions which save businesses time and make them more efficient. We look at all of your business systems and then provide you with our recommendation of the best possible products and services to achieve your’ business goals. Our expert consultants work with you and your business to design and implement simple integrated solutions that will increase your business efficiency while even offering a cost saving. We can take care of everything; from consulting and designing to liaising with our select team of partners to offer you the best solutions without you having to stress about the outcome.
Connected Australia is dedicated to providing our customers with the advice and support they need to implement the best Telecommunications, PBX phone, IT and Security services for their business. To find out more about how Connected Australia can help your business achieve savings and an increase in efficiency, fill out your details using our inquiry form and one of our staff will contact you shortly. With Connected Australia, we will not only look at your telecommunications, we will look at all of your business systems as a whole and help you implement the best solutions for your business.
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