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Hosted Phone


Run your business the way you want to with a basic NBN ready hosted phone system including unlimited local calls

Starting at $34.95 per handset per month

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*Ideal for small businesses with 1-3 handsets who don’t need all the features


All the functions you need to run a efficient office place plus some extra productivity
increasing features

Starting at $39.95 per handset per month

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*Ideal for a small office with 3-10 staff who need some added functionality


Move your communications into the future with the latest smartphone integration technology which will blow your mind and your customers

Starting at $49.95 per handset per month

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*The ultimate solution for any office who want the latest technology for their business

Discover how a hosted phone system can increase your staff productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business performance while reducing your overheads and allowing easy and effective scale-ability.

Smart Benefits



No line rental

Short 24 or 36 month contact


No large upfront cost


NBN-Ready phone

Digital technology

Unlimited standard local and national calls

Your essential tools for doing business smarter with our smart features.



Hunt Group
Choose how you direct calls to users within groups.

Simultaneous Ring
Select specific phones to ring at the same time

Sequential Ring
Your phones ring one after the other, until the call is picked up.

Receive voice messages on your email, webmail or smartphone.

Call Transfer
Transfer calls to another extension or third party.

Auto Receptionist
Automatically answers and directs calls with personalised menu options.