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Network Fault Restoration


Connected Australia Fixed Services (PSTN, ISDN 2, ISDN 10/20/30) are a resale of Telstra’s Fixed Line Network. Telstra’s Fault Management Team controls and manages fault restoration, maintenance and repair. Connected Australia has live access to Telstra Fault Reporting Systems, enabling us to immediately log defects to Telstra and with the same level of service you expect to receive from Telstra directly.

Outlined below is a summary of the Fault Restoration timeframes and policies for Escalation and Priority Assistance for the various products provided through Connected Australia.

Network Fault Restoration


You can report faults on your Basic Telephone Service Technologies to Connected Australia 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a week.

Telstra repair faults in the service (up to the boundary of their network) between 8 am and 5 pm on working days. So, when you report an error with a Basic Telephone Service after 5.00pm, it will be considered as if you had informed it the following working day.


After the fault has been logged, Telstra will aim to repair a Basic Telephone Service within the following timeframes where:

the fault is that a Basic Telephone Service has been mistakenly disconnected because of an administrative error – within one working day;

the fault can be fixed on a Basic Telephone Service without external or internal plant work or the need to attend your premises – within one working day;

the Basic Telephone Service Technologies is in a major or minor rural area – within two working days;

the Basic Telephone Service is in an urban area – within one working day;


The Basic Telephone Service is in a remote area – within three business days. Where you are provided with an estimate of the number of hours needed to repair a Basic Telephone Service, the estimate only includes hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on a working day.


In some situations, repairs can be carried out to a Basic Telephone Service temporarily so you can use it until it is fixed permanently.


Telstra may charge you for fixing a fault, if it is caused by something you or someone else using your Basic Telephone Service do (or do not do) wilfully, recklessly or negligently.

You will be charged an incorrect call out charge of $105 inc GST if, for example:

You report a defect in your Basic Telephone Service where Telstra is required to come to your premises to repair it, but it is determined on reasonable grounds that the fault is not on the Telstra network (for example, the fault may be on your equipment).


Telstra will try its best to repair Basic Telephone Services used to supply essential community services or emergency services as soon as practical after a fault has been logged, where:

  1. A) there has been a major fault outage or
  2. b) there has been a natural disaster or
  3. c) there are other exceptional circumstances (such as urgent medical cases). Priority is given to repairing major fault outages affecting multiple clients.


We may offer/give you a call diversion service if your Basic Telephone Service is faulty. Calls that are diverted are charged at the reasonable rate. For example, calls diverted to a Mobile during a fault condition will be charged to you at the rate of calls to mobiles from your landline.


Telstra will assure you can make or receive calls from your Basic Telephone Service 99% of the time over any 12-month period (indicated by the presence of a dial tone on your service).


Telstra wishes to give you reasonable call clarity on your Basic Telephone Service by trying to make sure that at a minimum, they comply with the Australian Communications Industry Forum Industry Code for End-to-End Network Performance for the Standard Telephone Service (ACIF C519).

Call clarity can be affected by environmental background noise, technical interference from other equipment (including ADSL) and the age and quality of your equipment.

The quality of your connection can also be affected by different factors such as your equipment (including ADSL) and customer cabling, the time of day, and the distance between the boundary of our network on your premises and your Basic Telephone Service.


Telstra aims to switch 95% of calls (other than international calls) through each local exchange on the first call attempt (during the period 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday) over any three-month period. This only applies where a dial tone was present and a valid number dialled. (A call is taken to have been switched on the first attempt when the caller receives a network response indicating that the number is ringing or busy or the call is answered.)

Network Fault Restoration 

ISDN Service (ISDN 2, ISDN 10/20/30)


You can report faults on your ISDN Service to Connected Australia 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a week. Fault Restoration and Repair work times are detailed as follows:

For ISDN 2 and ISDN 2 Enhanced – between 7 am and 9 pm Monday to Saturday (including Public Holidays)

For ISDN 10/20/30 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The monthly service charge includes maintenance up to Telstra’s network boundary and support of the NT1 only. Maintenance of any cabling on your premises (i.e. wiring on your side of Telstra’s network boundary) or any equipment owned or used by you is not included.

Telstra and Connected Australia Technologies will not accept any liability for any faults found to be caused by your equipment or cabling.


If there is a fault in your service, Telstra will aim to respond to you within the following times you reported to Connected Australia about the fault (excluding time outside the applicable coverage period above). You receive a response from us when:

  1. a) The failure has been identified, or
  2. b) that work has begun to identify the fault, or
  3. c) arrange with you a time for a technician to go to your property if the fault cannot be rectified remotely.


Fault response timeframesResponse Time
ISDN 2 or ISDN 2 Enhanced2 hours
ISDN 10/20/301 hours


If there is a fault in your service, repairs to restore your service to full working order (or temporary working order so that you can use the service until further work can be completed) will occur within the following times you told Connected Australia about the fault (excluding time outside the applicable coverage period above):


Fault repair timeframesLocation of serviceRepair time
Urban Area
Rural Area
12 hours
>36 hours
Remote Area60 hours


An urban centre has a population of 30,000 or greater and includes locations up to 30 km by road from one of Telstra’s multiple service control centres in capital cities and major regional and provincial centres.

A rural area is a location over 30 km but less than 65 km by road from one of Telstra’s multiple service control centres in capital cities and major regional and provincial centres.

A remote area is a location 65 km and over by road from one of Telstra’s multiple service control centres in capital cities and major regional and provincial centres.


Telstra can charge you to repair the following faults:

  1. a) faults caused by interference to the service by anyone other than us;
  2. b) faults caused due to your willful damage; and
  3. c) faults caused by your negligence


Repairing major fault outages Technologies of multiple customers is prioritised. If such cases arise, Telstra may not meet their targets for repairing your service.


Where your Basic Telephone Service is faulty, we may offer you a call diversion service. Calls that are diverted are charged at the appropriate rate. For, e.g., calls diverted to a Mobile during a fault condition, will be charged to you at the rate of calls to mobiles from your landline.


Telstra also aims to provide and maintain the network at a level that ensures that at least 490 out of every 500 times you try to connect a call, you will be switched successfully on your first try.

The objective of Telstra is to provide 99.7% service availability (i.e., no more than 1,578 minutes of unavailable time in a year). This service includes short disruptions to the performance of the service (more than ten consecutive errored seconds).


These performance specifications are indicative of the minimum level of service Telstra reasonably aim to attain for their ISDN services.


An increase appeal may be initiated for the restoration of your fault when the repair/response time meets the criteria below, and the issue cannot be resolved during the initial fault inquiry.

The criteria are the following:

Urgent Medical

End User indicates that a service is still faulty (although the fault has been closed)

Missed Response / Restoration Targets

Missed Appointments / Commitments


Priority Assistance

Telstra provides a Priority Assistance service, which is designed to aid residential clients especially people living at their home, who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition and may be at risk without easy access to a fully-operational telephone service. In example, there is ever a fault on the chosen telephone service of a Priority Customer and resides on a place that does not have any other functional standard telephone service (whether provided by Telstra or another provider), or they need to connect their first standard telephone service, it will be attended with the utmost level of duty practicably available at that moment.

Connected Australia does not offer Priority Assistance, and customers should take this into account before completing an application.